Mappers not only give you the ability to play on different map completely for free, they also sometimes give to other mappers
their source map or prefabs they can use quickly and easily in a map.

As I used some of them for the beta 1, I've decided to give fair credits to the authors.

This pages will be soon updated to report everything I've used in the beta 2 version.

Les mappeurs n'offrent pas seulement aux joueurs la possibilité de jouer sur de nouvelles maps complètement gratuitement,
mais ils donnent parfois leurs fichiers sources ou des prefabs qui peuvent être utilisés rapidement et facilement dans une map.

J'en ai utilisé dans la version beta 1, et à ce titre j'aimerais rendre honneur aux auteurs de ces prefabs.

Cette page va bientôt être remise à jour pour rapporter tout ce que j'ai utilisé dans la version beta 2.


His prefab section offers a good selection of his personal prefabs.
Check also his really useful tutorial section.
Check his website for more infos on the awesome and unequalled MLB map packs.

Neutral Command Post (map and script)

I also used his old carnage map to learn a few things about mapping.


Also a good mapper who offers prefabs and source files.

The shelf on the left is coming from his well-stocked prefab section.

The Jeep is also Draki's work.


Check his website who has a lot of ressources for mappers who begins.
Most of his source files are available.

The following is coming from his "Vengeance" map.
I really like how he constructs and destroys!



I used his prefab of this truck with an MG.
Unfortunately, I didn't managed to find his website. If anyone knows it, please send me a mail so I can create link here.



Even if this is not a prefab, credits should be done for the following textures
I've borrowed in great maps :

Chavo One with Venice

StormShadow with Stalingrad

LeMog for many textures

If you want more links related to mapping, go to the links section.

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