You will find here an etpro demo where I explain most of the beta 3.

Put the .dm84 file in your etpro/demos file.
Start your game in ETPro (for example : go on a server that runs ETPro and then disconnect).
You'll find the file in your REPLAYS menu.

This file will certainly be updated or changed.
Vous trouverez ici une demo au format etpro dans laquelle j'explique (en anglais) une bonne partie de la beta 3.

Placer le fiichier .dm84 dans votre dossier etpro/demos.
Lancer votre jeu en mode ETPro (par exemple : allez sur un serveur utilisant Etpro et déconnectez-vous).
Vous trouverez le fichier dans le menu REPLAYS.

Ce fichier sera certainement mis à jour ou changé.

Spawn Kill
As some players want to forbid the spawnkilling, I propose some limits.
For the Axis Hideout (basement, first spawn) : Any frag inside the building is SK.
For the Flag : No frag can be an SK as it is a capturable spawn. And, once the flag has been captured, the spawn is so short that it would be a bad idea to go there. :p
But you can consider that calling artillery between the flag and the chuch's entrance is SK once the wall has been destroyed.
For the Underground Bunker : Check this screenshot : Any frag inside the bunker is SK.

- You can take a look at the pictures in this room. They represent "La Bastille" when it was not a monument, but a unfortunately famous prison. The storming of the Bastille was one of the most symbolic moment in the French Revolution. Today, the building does not exist anymore, there is instead a place with a tower (tower you can see in my map).

- When you don't wanna crawl in the water, you can sometime try a trickjump that Daza showed me.
Be careful, you might be tempted by an SK!

You can read if you want this section, but it is only for the old beta 1 version.
Some advices are still accurate, but some of them are out of date.

Walkthrough of the BETA 1 : OUT OF DATE
Here is a list of things to bear in mind while playing.

When the map starts, both teams have a respawn time of 10 seconds. This changes when the wall is destroyed (Axis : 5sec, Allies : 20 sec).

- Axis starts hidden in a basement. They must destroy their protections to go out and capture the flag.

- Axis are hidden in a group of building that have 3 exits :

Axis must go the 2nd street to capture the Flag. There 3 differents ways to get there.
They can go through the buildings by the ground level. This way or this way.
They can also construct and use. the FootBridge.

Once, there are multiple access points to the 2nd street.

In this street, Axis must capture the Flag and Destroy the wall.

Once the wall has been destroyed, Axis must destroy the Yellow Pillar and the Red Pillar.

There are multiple ways to go to the underground.

To go to the Yellow Pillar, Axis can use this way or this way.
They can use differents ways to go to the Red Pillar from there.

They can also use an alternative route to go to the Red Pillar from the flag.

The Allies must 1st defend the Flag.
They can prevent an axis engineer to plant a dynamite, from these locations.
If they lost the Flag, they can try to reclaim it, for example like this.

When the wall is destroyed, the spawn time of the Allies is increased to 20 seconds.

They spawn in an underground bunker.
From there, they can go to the Yellow Pillar and to the Red Pillar.
Don't forget that there are 2 ways to go to one pillar to the other.

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